Join us for Sunday School! Our classes, designed for all ages, offer engaging Bible lessons and fun activities. Learn about Christianity, make friends, and grow in faith. 

In each class, students dive into carefully prepared Bible lessons that resonate with their age and experiences. Our dedicated teachers strive to make the Word of God engaging and relatable, transforming every lesson into an opportunity for spiritual growth.


We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to engage with faith, community, and learning. That’s why we offer our Bus Ministry – a lifeline that brings children to Sunday School year-round, entirely free of charge.

  • All children 6 and up are welcome to ride the bus
  • We consistently aim to make the journey to Sunday School fun and exciting with weekly bus promotions.


Experience the excitement of our Junior Church program! This dynamic program offers a blend of lively music, engaging Bible teachings, and captivating missionary stories read by our dedicated teachers. Plus, there are prizes and much more! It’s an opportunity for kids to make friends, enjoy, and grow in their faith.


Music holds a special place in our church services. It’s a powerful tool for praising the Lord and preparing our hearts to receive His message. In line with Psalms 150:3, “Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp”, we use music to express our devotion and adoration.


Catering to children aged 4 and under, our nursery provides a safe, caring environment during Sunday School and Sunday Morning services. While you immerse yourself in the service, your little ones engage in age-appropriate activities under the supervision of our devoted staff. Join us and experience a stress-free worship environment knowing your children are in good hands.